You know what's cool? Tossing leftover pie.

We bought three traditional pies for two thanksgiving celebrations this year - pumpkin, sweet potato, and apple. Unfortunately, two of the pies just weren't that terrific; one was way too sweet, and the other was sweetened with agave which had a strange metallic aftertaste. Back in the day, I would never have been able to throw them away. I would have continued to eat every bit of the crappy leftover pies for another week OR attempted to remake them into something else (which has never ended successfully for me).

I remember working with a a woman from Texas on this very topic. She was a proud and longstanding member of the CPC (Clean Plate Club). After practicing the habit of leaving something on her plate without feeling guilty, we tackled the concept of WASTE. At the end of our work together she realized that eating something she didn't need, or continuing to eat something that she'd already had enough of, was wasteful too. 

Now don't get me wrong, when we can give leftovers to a neighbor, a homeless person, or place in our compost bin, those are always the best ways to go. The moral of the story however is to give ourselves permission to LET GO. Learning to be thankful and grateful for our portion is how we redefine ENOUGH. When we understand this concept, we can finally take the first most critical step in moving forward toward fulfillment. This goes for buying and acquiring things too, something we can all be reminded of, especially as we enter the holiday season.