Balance, Zone, LUNA, Clif or PowerBar?

In my professional opinion - NONE.

Sadly, these soy-based protein bars have very little to offer other than genetically modified (GMO), heavily sprayed (think herbicides, fungicides, pesticides) and processed soy beans. This combined with corn syrup, sugar, sprayed on vitamins and minerals, and other cheap ingredients, these are a LAST resort.

Another Clue: Why are they sold at most gas stations and deli's?
Cheap prices unfortunately = cheap ingredients.

When it comes to nutrition bars, here are a few tips:

  1. Go organic
  2. Have a variety to choose from
  3. Make sure you recognize the ingredients
  4. Make sure the ingredients are whole foods (or mostly whole foods!) 
  5. Make sure the macronutrient ratio is appropriate for your needs.

** One Caveat: Balance now makes a whey bar called Nimble and Clif has one natural non-soy bar called: Clif Nectar.