For many years before becoming a trainer and nutrition coach, I too struggled with food. From high school until my late 20’s, I experimented with many fad diets and tried my darnedest to fill myself up with sugar-free, fat-free, low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie food products, and countless cans of diet soda. After a few days of dieting, I would inevitably binge eat, and begin the cycle again. For at least ten of those years I also woke up during the night with mysterious and painful stomach cramps and then struggled throughout the daytime feeling exhausted, irritable, and foggy. Never did it occur to me that DIETING - the mindset and the method – was to blame. 

With a combination of career changes, luck, and fate, I was able to learn about true nourishment from a 360-degree perspective. It is truly with great pleasure that I partner with each client to shine a light on their own path to long-term success. 

Each individualized nutrition program is structured around FOUR objectives: 

  • SCIENCE: Learn about macronutrients, whole verses processed foods, fiber, sugar, portions, calories, how to read food labels, and more. 
  • EXPERIENCE: Combine science with a variety of food and eating experiments. Integrate your results with your lifestyle, individual goals, food preferences, culture and personality. Create your very own nutritional blueprint by determining what works best for YOUR body. 
  • OBSTACLES: Address obstacles as they arise such as time constraints, emotional eating, self-sabotage, cravings, mood/energy swings, body image issues, food shopping, cooking and more.
  • SUPPORT: Receive seamless 24x7 coaching and support during your program to ensure ongoing progress and results.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell any pills, powders, or other magic potions. All programs are structured around real whole food, chemical-free, laboratory-free nourishment.

Where are health and nutrition sessions held? The beauty of health and nutrition counseling is that all sessions are held by phone. If you live in the NYC area, you can also choose to include an in-person supermarket tour, kitchen u-haul and/or cooking class.

I'd love to talk to you. Contact to discuss your unique situation and find out how I may be able to help you.