Immediately following college graduation, I found myself sitting at a desk in front of a computer.  The world suddenly felt very still, which was a stark contrast to the 20 years prior of sports, exercise, and constant running around that I was used to.  I clearly remember breaking out into a cold sweat as I began panicking about my new corporate lifestyle and how I might stay healthy.  After a few months of becoming a weekend (treadmill) warrior at my local gym, one particular personal trainer caught my eye. Harry was hard to miss. He was in his late 60’s, extremely muscular, wore super tight brightly colored gym attire, and coached his clients in the weight room like an angry drill sergeant. I asked Harry if he would train me and was hooked immediately. I hungrily soaked up all of his coaching; took notes, asked questions, read, and practiced often. I fell in love with feeling strong and my body changed dramatically. 

Over the next 10 years I found myself slowly falling back into more cardio-focused training in the forms of running, then cycling and swimming. Although I was fit externally, my health began declining. I was tired, my childhood asthma returned, I developed an allergy to chlorine, and my weight was steadily climbing. After splitting my pants several times (once on stage while giving a lecture!), I knew something was very wrong.

Soon after the stage incident, I was dared to enter a natural body building competition and jumped at the opportunity to shift gears. Right then and there I swapped out 15 hours/week of cardiovascular training for just 6 hours/week of strength training. My body changed dramatically again. In less than one year I dropped about 15 pounds and 10% body fat without any pills, powders or potions. My energy returned, and my asthma disappeared. It was after this second experience that I became truly inspired to teach strength training as a central component of my programming.

Strength training is hands down one of the most efficient and effective ways to dramatically improve our bodies. Whether we are talking about revving up our metabolism, improving bone health, posture, balance, blood sugar, and even cardiovascular fitness – strength training really does it all.

Personal training packages begin with a comprehensive fitness evaluation. By gathering detailed information on your current level of conditioning and health history, a personalized training program is created to empower you in meeting your goals safely and effectively.

Your consultation will include a variety of fitness testing such as:    

  • muscle testing and function

  • movement and mobility screens

  • postural and gait assessment

  • body composition and measurements

  • blood pressure, resting and max heart rate

Additionally a detailed written analysis will be emailed to you after your consultation, which includes all of your data, a program, short and long term goals. 

In order to track and continue making progress while we work together, fitness assessments are repeated approximately every 12 weeks. After each assessment, strategic program adjustments are made and new goals are created. Seamless 24x7 coaching and support is also available during your program to address obstacles and continue moving forward.

Where are training sessions held?  Training sessions can be held in New York City, as well as parts of Westchester County and Southern Connecticut.

I'd love to talk to you. Contact to discuss your unique situation and find out how I may be able to help you.


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