Employee sick days are the leading cause of lost revenues in most corporate organizations. Furthermore, studies have shown that firms who provide wellness programs to their employees increase employee retention and overall productivity. I am committed to providing corporations with nutrition and lifestyle programs that empower their employees to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.

Industry Specific Programming

Results-oriented workshops have been developed that effectively communicate complex health information in simple terms. My programs illustrate what foods, behaviors, and activities can improve an individual's quality of life, job satisfaction, and work performance. Equipped with this critical knowledge and a strategy for implementation, your employees have even greater potential to affect the success of the business. 

Food Services Projects

In-house cafeteria and snack venues often serve and provide the majority of the food and beverages consumed by your employees.  I will ensure that your cafeteria is fully aligned with the ultimate goals of the corporate culture, sustaining top performance.  I will also help you serve foods and beverages that are both nutritious, energy boosting and satisfying to the diverse preferences of your staff. This project will involve the following steps:

  • Analyze the current food content, quality and menu options at the cafeteria and snack venues.

  • Collect qualitative information from the staff regarding their use of the cafeteria and snack venues.

  • Work with current food supplier(s) or locate alternative suppliers to provide whole organic foods and organic snack foods within the established food and beverage budget.

  • Design a food/snack program that incorporates employee food preferences in the context of balanced nutrition.

On-Site Counseling and Training

With the intent of supporting the health and therefore profitability of your organization, on-site nutrition and health counseling and training can be provided. 

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