The power to change our lives is available in the choices we make every single day. Your program is uniquely designed to give you the tools needed to choose successfully. All programs are built upon four cornerstones:

- One -

JUST REAL WHOLE FOOD – THAT'S IT. You will not find any pills, powders, potions, or magic formulas here. Instead you'll have the opportunity to learn the science about food and discover which foods work best for YOUR body. Through a wide array of eating and drinking experiments, which are strategically woven into each coaching session, you will ultimately create a personalized blueprint that works now…and for the long run.

- TWO -

A MIND-BODY CONNECTION EXISTS. Our physical condition and mental outlook are mutually dependent on one another. The existence of the mind-body connection is emphasized through exercise – primarily in the form of strength training. As we strengthen our muscles, bones, joints, heart, lungs, posture and movements, we inevitably strengthen a more positive view of ourselves and the world around us. Continuing to refine the relationship between our mental and physical health is one of the main keys to realizing our potential as individuals.


IN LIFE THERE ARE ALWAYS OBSTACLES. Everyone has a variety of issues, mental blocks, fears, time constraints and other life challenges. A significant portion of each program is spent on learning to anticipate, identify and hurdle obstacles as they arise. Common concerns such as procrastination, self-sabotage, and body image issues are also addressed. Clients are encouraged to connect between sessions as needed to support ongoing progress.

- FOUR -

TEACHING AND LEARNING ARE CONTINUOUS. My approach to training and nutrition is continually being refined. Every course, book, new piece of research, and experience with clients offers fresh skills, ideas, and perspectives. Year over year, my primary goal is to offer the highest level of expertise and service possible.