Eating Healthy and Still Overweight?

Ever try to lose weight unsuccessfully even when you change your diet for the better?

There are a few main reasons why this is often the case:

1. A high fat diet (even if its healthy!): Take a look at your intake of cheese, red meat, nuts/seeds, oils and butter. You may be taking in more calories than you need even if your choices are healthy. Remember that fats are the most calorie dense foods - so although we need them, you may be going overboard.
2. Too much alcohol: One drink per day for women and (2) per day for men is the limit for heart health, but depending on the type/size of drink, this equals 700-2000 extra calories per week. YIKES.
3. Not enough protein: By eating enough calories, but not enough protein, you could be losing muscle mass and slowing your metabolism further.
4. Too much conditioning or cardio and little to no strength training: Again, cardio and conditioning workouts burn calories, but don't improve metabolism - and again too much and you'll lose muscle. 
5. Too many processed carbs: Unless you are exercising vigorously (multiple hours per day) you can easily go overboard in carb calories as you dont need nearly as much as you may think. One way to lower your calories is by taking a look at how many PROCESSED carbs you are eating and take an axe to the ones that have little to no nutritional value.

LASTLY: Although this topic has been debated, I have found over the past 10 years in this field that those who eat the majority of their calories after 6pm have a much harder time moving the needle. And these same people often get to bed after midnight and sleep 6 hours or less - which messes with their satiation and hunger hormones. A DOUBLE WHAMMY!